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Hair Hommage

Dolly Parton is hair royalty in my book. Dolly’s hair is LEGEND, through and through and one could only wish for the day someone requests a similar look in this day and age. That hair stays lifted to the heavens and curled for the gods in sheer perfection always.

Not at all for the faint of heart, big sexy hair is definitely for a special type of gal. If you’re that, here’s what I’d recommend:

Tools: Velcro rollers, AquaNet hair spray, teasing comb or brush, small to medium round brush (Moroccan Oil showed above)

Round brush your hair in neat horizontal sections. 

After each section is dried, take the still-hot section and wrap it around a velcro roller and secure.

Once the whole head is set, let it sit while you beat your face/talk shit on the phone/watch some YouTube vids.

Then, after the hair has completely cooled, release the hair from the rollers.

Starting from the top center of the crown, take medium sized sections and give a light, quick blast of hair spray and tease for your life, honey. Continue to work in this fashion until you reach the shape/height of your dreams.

One final blast of some old school Aquanet hair spray all over and you should be good to go.

Miss Gabby is giving laid back glam for February’s issue of Glamour.


This hair is completely on trend as women are moving slightly away from the super styled Kim K/ Victoria’s Secret curls to a more relaxed and lived in look for everyday wear.

Feeling it? Try it out.  Here’s how:

Give your roots (around your face) a bit of lift with a large barrel brush such as the T3 one shown above.

Next, go in with a medium sized curling iron and, alternating directions, wrap medium sized sections of hair around the iron.

Lastly, using a large paddle brush (See Paul Mitchell 427 brush) gently separate the curls and finish with a light hold hair spray such as Moroccan Oil’s Luminous Hair Spray.

And fin.

I absolutely adore this hair and I think everyone should have it…kidding.  But just in case you would like to try it out, here’s a quick and easy how-to:

1) Using a teeny iron (like the Hot Tools 5/8” iron here), wrap pinky-width sections around the iron. Do this to your whole head.  Yes. I know this blows, but beauty is time consuming. 


**For fine hair, prep the hair with Redken’s Wool Shake 08 for added texture before you begin curling.

2) Again. Do not run your fingers through your Taylor Swift circa 2006 curls just yet.  Mist a halo of hair spray (Redken’s Fashion Works is a good one).  Let the curls just be for about 5-10 minutes.  Go do your makeup or something.

3) Using the hair pick, separate the curls from root to end.  Voila! Your hair will magically grow in circumference!


This Beyond the Zone color (Bubblehead Pink at Sally’s Beauty) will give you that pastel pink look (if you are a high level blonde, obviously).  Add in an orange or yellow hue in random spots for more dimension.

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