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A few months ago I got to work on this editorial for Lucky Magazine at this this studio waaaay on the west side. That part only matters because it was probably the first reeally cold day of the season- and the west side is right off the water (arrrgh).

Anywho. This job was kinda maje for me as it was my first American Conde Nast gig. And when I showed up, one of my work buddies was there on the wardrobe side- trust, it is always a plus when you show up to work and find that you’ll be working with folks you already know and love.

I also got to meet this makeup artist John Mckay and his assistant, Leslie. I loved them. They were so East Village circa When It Was Legitimately Punk. I’ve met plenty a mua whom I wanted to be friends with in real life and these two definitely were that for various reasons outside of just looking like CGBG alumni.

Sung Hee was everything. Models who like to laugh and have fun on set are the dopest because they make you feel like you arent at work.

And last but not least, Jordan, the guy I was assisting, was pretty dope as well. Its weird because I dont like to give too much away about the people I assist…ESPECIALLY if I really enjoy working with them (dont ask-its just a quirk of mine. Privacy thing, I suppose) but Jordan was super chill and I got to pick up some ideas that I’ll certainly be utilizing in my career.


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